Care of Creation

Good stewardship is not just about money. As people of faith, the earth has been entrusted to us by God. We are called by God to care for the creation, ensuring that our earthly island home is sustainable for generations to come.

Solar Energy

Living in Hawaii, the sun is a great resource, and as of March 2018 we have converted our buildings to use solar energy. Being that our campus has five different buildings, this has been no small task, encompassing two years of planning and implementation. We are excited about our possibilities of becoming more green.


We have multiple gardens at St. Mark's, and this requires the energy and time of volunteers with green thumbs. Being that we are situated within a heavily urban area, our property can be an oasis of prayer for our congregation and neighborhood. We are always looking for more volunteers to help with this ministry. Speak with the rector if you are interested.

Less Waste

Years ago we made a goal to stop using styrofoam. At our Sunday morning coffee hours, we use real cups and plates. It takes more energy to do the coffee hour cleanup, but it is worth it when we consider how much waste our world is producing.

Beach Cleanups

Our church is not far from the beaches of Waikiki. One of the ways in which we can reach out to our community is by participating in the beach cleanups in our neighborhood. Watch our news updates for more information about when we join community groups to help our beaches.


Care of the Environment


More about Stewardship