Arrival in Jerusalem

We have all safely arrived in Jerusalem, and we have met our guide, Canon Iyad Qumri. Already while on the bus on our way to Jerusalem excitement has come to the pilgrims. Many seemed surprised by how modern Israel is, even though they have been told that Israel is a high tech country. And yes, just like Honolulu, Jerusalem has traffic!

Our hotel is near the Old City of Jerusalem, and many of us have splendid views of the Dome of the Rock. We had our first session last night, and we enjoyed a wonderful feast of food and good conversation. The menu included a variety of local dishes including a vast array of mezze or salads. The group is coming together nicely, and it promises to be a rewarding pilgrimage.

This morning we awoke to the sounds of the call to prayer.  In a little while we leave for a tour of the Old City, ending with the afternoon at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre / Church of the Resurrection. Some of the pilgrims headed out early to enjoy some Arabic coffee and the local bread that is baked fresh every morning.