Joining St. Mark's

Do you have a church home?

We would be delighted to have you join St. Mark's. You might be an adult searching for meaning in your life. Maybe you have just moved to the Island of Oahu. Perhaps your current church seems rigid, and you desire to explore the Christian faith in a more open and inclusive environment. Maybe you are a seasonal visitor and you need a church away from home. Maybe you are a student at the nearby universities. Whoever you are, you are welcome at St. Mark's.

Baptisms at the Easter Vigil

Join us for worship.

The first step is to join us for regular worship. View our WORSHIP SCHEDULE as well as our WORSHIP HIGHLIGHTS CALENDAR. You might also view our DIOCESAN WEBSITE. There are a variety of Episcopal Churches on Oahu, and it is ok if you prefer one of our sister churches.

Have you been baptized?

Baptism is how we initiate people into the church. If you have not been baptized, we recommend our FORMATION PROGRAMS. You can read more about baptism on our SACRAMENTS PAGE. If you have been baptized, you might still consider our FORMATION PROGRAMS so that you can be renewed in the faith. This might mean being confirmed, received or renewed. If you do not understand what this means, no problem. We walk everyone through the process.

Are you Episcopalian wishing to transfer to St. Mark's?

You might already be an Episcopalian, and you would like to transfer your membership. If this is the case, we still recommend attending St. Mark's for a trial period to discern whether St. Mark's is a good fit for you. If you decide St. Mark's is where you want to be, we can contact your former church and obtain a transfer - a quick and easy process.

It's your decision.

We understand that joining a church is a prayerful process, guided by the Holy Spirit, this process will be different for each person. We recognize this, and we are here to walk with you as you seek to grow in the faith.


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