Parish Leadership


St. Mark’s has a dedicated team of clergy, music staff, and lay leaders who work together to further the mission of St. Mark’s for the people of God.


Clergy & Staff


Michael Dupre, Choirmaster
Steven Severin, Organist
Sam Lam, Organist Emeritus

Choir Section Leaders

Emily Vidler, Soprano
Erin Richardson Severin, Alto
Miles Provencher, Tenor
Scott Villard, Bass


The Episcopal Diocese of Hawai’i

St. Mark’s is a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Hawai’i which is part of the Anglican Communion.

THE EPISCOPAL Bishop of Hawai‘i

The Right Rev’d Robert Fitzpatrick


The Vestry of St. Mark’s

The Vestry is the governing body of the parish. The rector serves as the President, the Senior Warden is appointed by the Rector for a one-year term, and the Junior Warden is elected by the congregation for a one-year term. Of the remaining nine members, three are elected each year to serve a three-year term. The Vestry guides the parish’s mission and provides oversight in regard to finances and property.


Sandra Leialoha - Senior Warden

Sandy is a Eucharistic Visitor and Daily Office Officiant, and she is also active with the worship guilds, whether it be flowers, liturgy, or candles. She loves outreach, helping with Family Promise, Youth Outreach Waikiki, and the former Sunday Supper Ministry. She has been a member of St. Mark’s for over 40 years, and she also coordinates the Aloha Hours on Sundays, welcoming newcomers and visitors. She is passionate about our Anglican identity and stewardship, and she particularly loves the Daily Office, especially Evensong and Benediction.


Tim Valadez - Junior Warden

Tim is a regular subdeacon and thurifer for the Sunday and feast day high masses, and he serves on the Liturgy and Formation Team. He started coming to St. Mark’s in July 2013 when his work brought him to the Islands. He loves how friendly everyone is at St. Mark’s, and he is passionate about the church’s commitment to Anglo-Catholicism, whether it is the high holy day masses or the faithful community service through outreach.


Jeanne DeCosta - Secretary

Jeanne faithfully takes the minutes of the Vestry meetings, and she also serves on the Stewardship Ministry Team. She helps the rector by creating the Sunday worship leaflets, and this work combines her love of the Book of Common Prayer and Anglican choral music. She sings in the St. Mark’s Choir, she serves as the choir librarian, and she is the officiant for Evening Prayer on Tuesday and Saturday evenings. She has been coming to St. Mark’s since 2008 during a time of great transition in her life. Her faith is enriched by the music we sing, the reading of the Daily Office, and by the opportunities to gather as a family in our sacred space.


Michael Ida - Treasurer

Michael is our volunteer treasurer, and this work requires a great deal of time. He is also the Acolyte Master, scheduling the volunteers for all of our liturgies. On Sundays alone this involves the scheduling of over 30 people. On Monday evenings he serves as the Evening Prayer Officiant, and he also serves on the Liturgy and Formation Ministry and the Stewardship Ministry. His family has been a part of St. Mark’s for several generations, and he loves how St. Mark’s is a caring family. He states, “I love the people, the community, the liturgy, the music, the history, and everything about St. Mark’s. St. Mark’s is where I learn about God and his infinite love and forgiveness.”


Nanette Judd

Nanette has served on the Vestry for many years, and she currently serves as a lector. She has been a member of St. Mark’s for her entire life, and a few years ago she joined the parish for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. That journey gave her a new passion for Bible Study, which she attends faithfully on Wednesday mornings. She has served on the Stewardship Ministry and on the Finance Committee, and she also helps with the Aloha Hour after the Sunday Sung Mass, and she is a Godly Play teacher. St. Mark’s has always been a part of her life, guiding her values.


Suzanne Kagawa

Suzanne serves as the church’s Assistant Treasurer, recording everyone’s financial gifts, and this work requires much detail and time. You can find her in the church office on Sunday mornings after the 8:00 am mass working diligently. She helps regularly with the Altar Guild, washing and ironing the linens for the masses, and she also enjoys outreach, helping with Family Promise. Having grown up at St. Mark’s, she has always considered the church her home, even when she lived on the mainland.


Kaye Kawahara

Every Sunday morning Kaye serves as an acolyte at the 8:00 am Sung Mass. Now an oncology doctor, Kaye’s journey into the Episcopal Church began at ‘Iolani School. He has been attending St. Mark’s for about five years, and he enjoys cooking for the homeless ministries, mainly Family Promise. He has also given a stewardship talk to the parish, and he continues to help with the church’s capital campaign. He finds St. Mark’s to be a wonderfully welcoming place. He states, “I feel like I’m part of a large and loving family that cares about each other and for the community as well. St. Mark’s is a doing church - not just an observing church.”


Theolinda Matsumoto

Theo has been a faithful member of the vestry for many years, and she most recently has been coordinating the church’s capital campaign. This has included the work of planning the renovation of the current kitchen. Her commitment to this work stems from her passion for outreach. She coordinates the Family Promise dinners for homeless families with children. She is also the leader of the Aloha Ministry, an interfaith ministry that helps kupuna with their various needs. Behind the scenes, she is often busy with the Altar Guild, caring for the linens. She has been a part of St. Mark’s for over sixty years, and through the various worship services her faith has grown greatly, but in the end, her passion is for outreach and helping those in need.


Michel Ai reavis

Michel loves the spirituality of serving at the altar, and every week you can see her acolyting at High Mass, as well as at Evensong and Benediction, where she coordinates the servers. She is a Godly Play teacher, volunteering her time to teach Sunday School each week, and she also assists with the High Mass Aloha Hour. St. Mark’s is her family church, and she has been a member her entire life. Her grandfather was the contractor for the current church buildings, and she is grateful that St. Mark’s is a place where traditions are honored and celebrated.



Derrick loves the worship at St. Mark’s. On Sundays he is often an usher, both at the morning masses and for Evensong and Benediction. During the week you can find him working on the candles or for the Altar Guild. He enjoys attending the Daily Office, and he also serves as a lector. His other passion is outreach, providing meals for the homeless, Family Promise, and Youth Outreach Waikiki. He has been a member of St. Mark’s for eight years, enjoying the spirituality of the Anglo-Catholic worship practices and the Bible studies. He also enjoys talking about stewardship and the need for every Christian to be generous.