Journey to Generosity

St. Mark's has begun our Annual Campaign for 2018. Friends of St. Mark's are encouraged to give of their time, talent, and resources for the benefit of the church, the world, and our lives. Our goal is to be witnesses of proportional giving, understanding that everything we have already belongs to God. Join us as we strive to be a joyful offering to God, the Church, and the world. Can we rely on your support?

From the Rector

Michaelmas 2017


Dear Friend of St. Mark's,

Life is an opportunity to enter the journey of saying “Yes” to the God who loves us. It is a journey to love one another, to welcome the stranger, and to invite friends to love God. It is a journey to create peace and to live generously. This journey is about participating in God’s limitless love, but first we must believe that God’s love, healing, and forgiveness are an inexhaustible resource. We must overcome our own fears, idols, and indifferences so that we can say “Yes” to God’s call.

This is what we seek to do every day at St. Mark’s. Every day our doors are open, and every day we work to affirm that God is loving and generous. Whether we are saying “yes” to God in the beauty of our worship, or whether we are saying “yes” to God in the people living on the streets around us, St. Mark’s is a school where we learn to love, where we learn to be generous, where we learn to forgive.

We have begun our stewardship campaign for 2018. Please consider bringing your standard of giving in line with your standard of living. For many, that means giving 10 percent (the biblical tithe) of their income to God’s work through St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. For others, tithing is a goal they are working toward by increasing their giving two or three percent each year. We are asking everyone to make their pledge during the month of October by placing the pledge card in the offering plate at any of our services. You may also pledge online through the church website.

This November we will have an Octave of Celebration, beginning on Sunday, November 19, our parish Feast of Dedication, and ending on Sunday, November 26, the Feast of the Holy Sovereigns and Christ the King Sunday. On November 26 after both masses we will enjoy a “Celebration of Ministries Aloha Hour.” Please come and celebrate how all of us are saying “Yes” to God’s call.

The Rev’d Paul Lillie
Rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

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