Building Love & Mercy

St. Mark's Capital Campaign continues as we seek to build love and mercy along Kapahulu Avenue and in East Honolulu and Waikiki. Over 400k has been pledged, and we have already received a little over half of that amount. Our challenge goal is 500k.



The Capital Campaign has three goals.

  1. We desire to renovate our kitchen and update the Parish Hall in order to increase our outreach ministries.
  2. We want to update the Church so we can strengthen the faith of our parishioners, visitors, and seekers.
  3. We want to reduce, and eventually eliminate, the debt on our newly-acquired Campbell Avenue property in order to maximize the long-term ministry opportunities available for St. Mark's.

What have we already accomplished?

We have already made headway on all three goals. The Campbell Avenue property has been fully renovated, and over 150k has been paid toward the debt of the house, and we continue to pay down the debt monthly.

Architects are currently drafting plans for the new kitchen, and work on the Parish Hall roof has been completed in advance of the solar power installation. Later this year the entire campus will be powered by solar energy, providing significant utility savings. Photovoltaic panels were recently installed on the rectory, the rectory having received a new roof as well.

Plans are currently underway for the beautification of the church gardens. The two front walls of the church have been plastered and painted to improve the acoustic for choral and congregational singing, and this improvement has drastically improved the musical offerings of our services. A new sound system for the church has been installed, and soon we will be able to add sermons to the website. The new system will also allow the spoken word to be heard in the Parish Hall during services. The historic altar of the church, made from koa wood and used every day in the BVM Chapel, has been refurbished by Martin and MacArthur. New air-conditioning units have been installed in the church and the priest's sacristy, and soon new units will be installed in the rector's office and Godly Play Classroom.

There is more to be done.

The vestry has targeted the kitchen for the next major area of work. Once the kitchen is completed, and as funds continue to materialize, renovations will begin in the church and sacristies.

How do I give to the campaign?

If you have not pledged to the campaign yet, it is never too late to do so. The rector and campaign chair will be glad to meet with you to discuss gifting options which include planned gifts.*

*The planned gifts that St. Mark's has been willed are not reflected in the chart numbers above.


St. Mark's Capital Campaign Team

Michael Ida, Treasurer
Nanette Judd
Kaye Kawahara
Sandra Leialoha, Senior Warden
The Rev'd Paul Lillie, Rector
Theolinda Matsumoto, Campaign Chair
Phyllis Shimabukuro-Geiser