Celebrating Pride

& an Aloha Hour hosted by the Choir

October 22

This weekend is Pride Weekend in Honolulu, and on this Sunday at 11:30 am we will celebrate Pride with a review of where the Episcopal Church has been, as well as the current work ahead of us. The Rev'd Canon Brian Grieves, former Peace and Justice Office of the Episcopal Church, along with the rector, Father Paul Lillie, will facilitate this forum. Join us for this festive aloha hour when we will give thanks for the LGBTQ community and offer our support and advocacy.

The Aloha Hour after High Mass will be hosted by the St. Mark's Choir. Come and taste their delicious treats. As our choir continues to grow and prosper, the Aloha Hour is a fundraiser for the choir robe fund. Help us pay for new cassocks and surplices for our new choir members.