Celebrating St. Mark's Ministries

St. Mark's was founded in memory of Queen Emma who died on St. Mark's Day. The Feast of the Holy Sovereigns (Queen Emma and King Kamehameha IV) is November 28, and the Episcopal Diocese of Hawai‘i always celebrates this feast on the Last Sunday after Pentecost. November 28 is also the dedication feast of our current church building.

The Feast of Dedication

Sunday, November 19

On Sunday, November 19, we will celebrate the Feast of Dedication, and on this day the congregation's pledge commitments will be blessed at all masses. We will also have our bi-annual port wine ingathering for the masses.


The Feast of the Holy Sovereigns

Sunday, November 26

On Sunday, November 26, we will celebrate the Feast of the Holy Sovereigns, and especially our patron saint, Queen Emma. The Vestry and Stewardship Ministry of St. Mark's will host Aloha Brunches after both morning masses in honor of our parishioners and the ministries of St. Mark's.