Gift Wrapping Party

Spreading Christmas Joy

On Sunday, December 9 St. Mark’s gathered for a gift wrapping party for Responsive Caregivers. Michael Marsh, the President and CEO of Responsive Caregivers, spoke about their work, and on Wednesday, December 19, St. Mark’s delivered over 100 gifts to the Christmas party at Responsive Caregivers.


Who are the Responsive Caregivers of Hawaii?

Responsive Caregivers of Hawaii is committed to creating positive choices in the lives of adults with developmental disabilities and special needs. They have been serving people with functional limitations in the community for 30 years, providing comprehensive care and services to their participants. They also educate families about how their programs and services will improve their loved one physically and mentally, offering them consultations on how to take care of their child or family member with disabilities. Everyday Responsive Caregivers directly effects the lives of people with disabilities by expanding their opportunities through well-developed day activities, early intervention and training programs, personalized case management, and workshops and training for family members of individuals with disabilities.  (Adapted from their website)