Monthly Requiem Mass

Let light perpetual shine upon them

Many in this day and age have difficulty with the concept of praying for the dead, but nothing could be a greater sign of our belief in the resurrection than taking time to pray for those who have died. If we believe that due to the work of Jesus Christ, death no longer has any sting and that the gates of hell have been harrowed, we therefore must pray for all faithful believers, whether they are on this side of the curtain of life, or whether they have passed on to the other side of existence. Death, because of our Lord, can no longer separate us—we are all a part of the same Christian fellowship.  Thus, we pray for the dead, and we hope that they continue to pray for us. After all, we all share in the same Eucharistic feast—we all share the living bread and the saving cup, and each one of us needs the prayers of the other.

St. Mark's celebrates requiem masses for the faithful departed on our parish list of the departed every month. Speak with the clergy to schedule a requiem mass for a loved one. You may also submit names online for requiem masses below.

Memorials and Thanksgivings

You might also wish to remember the departed through donations for flowers, music, vestments, candles, capital improvements, or other projects. Contact the Parish Office for ways to memorialize your loved ones.