Celebrating St. Mark the Evangelist

The saint who first found grace to pen

St. Mark's was founded by the Hawaiian congregation of St. Andrew's Cathedral in memory of Queen Emma, who died on St. Mark's Day. Queen Emma continues to be our patron, and we celebrate her life on November 28. Our other patron is St. Mark, and April 25 is his feast day. St. Mark’s will observe the Patronal Feast with a High Mass and Garden Party on Saturday, April 27, in addition to our normal rota of services on Monday, April 25.


Patronal Feast High Mass 4:00 pm

A garden party follows the mass on the lawn. St. Mark’s will provide the main course, and you are invited to bring beverages and side dishes. As the gathering is a garden party, remember your beach towels, blankets, and lawn chairs.


Morning Prayer 9:00 am
Noonday Prayer 11:45 am
Mass 12:00 noon
Evening Prayer 6:00 pm


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