A Visit to St. Mark's

Yesterday we celebrated Violet Kiope Mossman's requiem mass at St. Mark's. The church was filled with the People of God who had gathered to pray. The family shared with Father Lillie the following meditation that Violet kept among her devotional materials. We share it here as part of our stewardship formation for all of us.

Violet Mossman

Violet Mossman

Sunday is the Lord's Day, not our day. It is the day upon which we "render to God the things that are His" alone. It is our privilege, as well as our plain duty, on Sunday to offer to Almighty God that tribute of loving and obedient worship by which we express how much God is worth to us. For "worship" is an expression of the "worship" of God.

What do we do for God, however, beyond the call of duty? Do we try to pass our days on the basis of offering the minimum service? Is there a practical means whereby we can put God first, not just on Sundays, but on other days also? To be sure, there is. We can make it part of our "rule of life" to make at least one visit per week, on a weekday, to the House of God. 

Do try it. Not only for your own peace of soul, not only for God's Glory, but also for the good of many other people, most of whom, perhaps, you will never know.

On some weekday do enter the parish church for a visit with our Lord. The church is open every day for services, and it is warm and lighted. Quiet and peace prevail. Tell God how very much you love Him, and that you only wish you could love Him more and better. You can, with God's help.

Remember to pray for your church and its people, especially the sick, the aged, the lonely, and for those who face serious problems.  Pray also for the clergy, that they may be faithful and loving shepherds of the flock of Christ. 

You will be refreshed, God will be glorified, souls will be helped, and your parish will become more and more a "house of prayer." 

Learn to say with the Psalmist, "I was GLAD when they said unto me, we will go into the House of the Lord."