From the Rector: Expressions of Gratitude, Summer Travel, & Blessings for the Choir's Ministry

Let me begin by expressing my gratitude to everyone who joined us last Sunday morning between the masses for the update on our parish capital campaign. Special thanks are due to the Capital Campaign Team for producing the delicious breakfast and for setting up the Parish Hall. The Parish Hall was filled with people, and I was very pleased that so many of you came to hear about our progress. We continue to work on accomplishing our three capital campaign goals - paying down the debt on our new Campbell Avenue property, renovation of the kitchen for enhanced outreach ministries, and the updating of our worship space for the community's liturgical and pastoral renewal. We are making steady strides in all three areas.

This coming Wednesday I leave for the mainland for some vacation time with family. Living in the Islands I have become increasingly aware of the importance of nurturing family relationships. From June 1 to 10 Jayson and I will be in Western New York to visit family and old friends. On June 10 we depart for Jerusalem. We will arrive in the Holy Land a few days prior to when our parish pilgrims arrive for what promises to be a very fulfilling two weeks of prayer, study, and fellowship. I will return to the office on July 1. Father Richard Shields will be the celebrant and preacher for the Sunday masses at St. Mark's this June. A good friend of the parish, you will be in very capable hands while I am away. As well, Father Brian Grieves will be available for the Tuesday noon mass with healing prayers. Again, you shall enjoy a wise and competent priest. We have also made provision for some help in the office while I am away. Jeanne DeCosta's daughter, Michelle DeCosta, will be performing various administrative duties in my absence.

But before I travel across the ocean, we have a great feast and a great choir to celebrate this Sunday - the Feast of Corpus Christi and our parish choir. On this Sunday after high mass we will honor the choir with a special aloha hour after high mass. The choir continues to flourish under Michael Dupre's leadership, and I hope you can be with us to give gratitude for their ministry among us.

Father Paul Lillie