From the Rector: Sunday Evenings

One of the more beautiful worship services we have offered in the past are the Candlelight Complines with Benediction. The last time we gathered for such a service was this past spring. More frequently we have offered Evensong and Benediction on Sunday evenings. Whether it is Evensong or Compline, Sunday evening worship has its own special appeal. As the day ends, it is always good to pause and give thanks to God for the blessings of the day. 

Beginning on Sunday, November 8, we will have an opportunity for study and worship which will lead us through to Christmas. Several parishioners have mentioned they would like to read the recent encyclical on the environment by Pope Francis entitled Laudato Si'. As the inhabitants of these sacred islands, issues of environmental destruction are increasingly important for each of us. Almost every week one can read in the news how the islands of the Pacific are increasingly in danger due to rising sea levels. How does our faith inform our care of the creation? 

Francis' encyclical is divided into six chapters, and beginning on November 8, we will gather for six evenings of discussion and dinner, followed by Sung Compline and Eucharistic Adoration in the church. You may download the encyclical through our parish website by clicking here. Compline will be sung unaccompanied - the only music will be chant, and this chant will be accompanied by silence, incense, and candlelight. These Sundays evenings will provide us the opportunity to engage in study, as well as to have the space for reflection. Please join us if you are able. 

Father Paul Lillie+


Study Group 5:30 pm
Compline & Benediction 7:00 pm