From the Rector: Greetings from Chicago

Greetings from Chicago! I am currently visiting family here in Illinois, and I am also attending the provincial gathering of the Society of Catholic Priests. Many of you know that I have been the provincial convener for the last two years, and this week my two-year term ends. You can learn more about the SCP by viewing the society website. 

The Society of Catholic Priests is a society of priests in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada, and it has two main goals - priestly spirituality and catholic evangelism. This year our conference is focusing on catholic evangelism with presentations on music, social witness, and outreach to evangelicals, and we are spending our time at three Chicago churches  - St. James Cathedral, the Church of the Atonement, and Cristo Rey. The conference each year is always excellent, providing excellent worship, stimulating plenaries, and good social opportunities for the clergy who attend. I will share more with you when I return.

This coming Tuesday I return to the office, but before then I want to commend three events to you. For our kupuna and friends, do not forget about our gathering on Wednesday, October 18. You can sign up for the lunch in the back of the church. On Sunday, October 22, Father Brian Grieves joins us for a forum after high mass on GLBTQ advocacy in the Episcopal Church. This coming Sunday, October 15, we will commemorate within our Sunday liturgies the First Anglican Service in the Kingdom of Hawai‘i. The Church of England was invited to the Hawaiian Islands by King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma, and the first Anglican service in the Kingdom of Hawai‘i was on October 12, 1862. During the same year, the Sovereigns were baptized on October 21. You can read more about this on the parish website.

I am grateful for Fathers Shields, Golding, Leatherman, Graham, Clifford, and Mother Cullinane for providing coverage of our Sunday and daily masses while I have been away, as well as for our daily office officiants, who ensure prayer happens daily in the church. Blessings from Chicago and I look forward to being with you again.

Paul Lillie+


The tower of St. James Cathedral in Chicago